Daily Kos: Bill Maher on Rick Perry’s extremism

On the Friday of Netroots Nation ’11, Bill Maher really ripped into Texas Governor Rick Perry for being a ignorant religious fundamentalist whose religious ideas as policy solutions have only served to make Texas worse off.

But here on planet reality, may I point out that there is no such thing as spiritual solutions to national problems. If that’s where we are as a country, if our official government policy is “Yee-haw, Jesus take the wheel”, then we’re dead already. On his Jesus-palooza website, Perry writes, “There is hope for America, it lies in Heaven and we will find it on our knees”. He also says “some problems are beyond our power to solve”.

What? I thought we were the can-do people. And if Perry thinks only God can solve our problems, why is he even in government? Why doesn’t he just stay at home and light a bunch of candles like Sissy Spacek’s mom in Carrie?

Here’s an opposing view. Not only are our problems not beyond our power to solve, they’re actually fairly easy to solve. You have a giant budget deficit, like Perry has in Texas? Raise taxes. Federal tax revenues haven’t been this low since 1950, and that plus two wars and a recession are the reason we have a huge deficit. It’s not because God is angry over the gay kissing on Glee. It doesn’t require prayer%2

via Daily Kos: Bill Maher on Rick Perry’s extremism.



Can you beleive this guy’s a governor, he talks like a skid row bible-thumpin’ street preacher with a very limited number of LIVE brain cells left at his disposal….AMEN











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