What’s Going On?????????????

Obama:  Weve been asking a lot of you—and in the first major test of this campaign, you delivered. Over 495,000 folks donated to own a piece of this campaign in its first quarter. Thank you. As a reminder of why were working so hard to get the President re-elected, take a look at a short video from earlier this week.What We’re Fighting For www.barackobama.com  The President held a press conference on Wednesday, and the last few minutes were something really special. Watch the video and share it with your friends.about an hour ago · 6383232 · LikeUnlike · · Share3,232 people like this.View all 638 comments

Tom Berry after all of the betrayal……..i dont think I could give any thing, just to get more betrayal…..2 seconds ago

Unable to post comment. <Try Again>Write a comment…

via Facebook 4.

Every time I try to submit a comment on the Obama site I am asked to enter a credit card or my cell phone to verify my account……….

It sure seems as though they are screening comments …..or maybe they want to be paid for the “priveledge of commenting”……..This just doesn’t feel correct…..actually it feels like censorship.


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