Sunday on MTP, Tim (paw-paw)Pawlenty drove home the reality that “if you’ve seen and heard one you’ve seen and heard them all”.

It’s almost as if they are robots or some sort of cyborgs programmed and controlled by one central control entity. Of course there are  those who have a different brand, extremist , controlled by the tea-partiers and the extreme “religous right”.

There’s not a chance anywhere in the “real world” hopefully where most of us with working brain cells live, where they can win anything .  Except,of course, their limited time in the spotlight.

It’s beyond my comprehension as how these people, people who you would think,  must have some intelligence, untill they begin to speak.  Ultimately, they have no idea of  what the majority of mainstream Americans think, feel, or beleive. The total disconnect, and the absence of any grasp on reality, excludes them from winning any national office. It’s unfathomable that so many of them hold governorships, or congressional seats. 


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