Bi-Partisan Stupidity :

      When the president negotiated the stimulus package the republicans wouldn’t go along unless it was packaged with tax-cuts…for their benefactors….. and the president let them. They paid for the tax-cuts by moving that money away from infrastructure, especially new school construction.   The new construction would have created more jobs, not to mention the suppliers who would have hired people to make and move those supplies. A couple of million jobs were created, but, not near as many as could have been created.

    The president began working on healthcare reform while resting on his laurels after passing the stimulus  package.  Healthcare reform, wich in truth, was supposed to be his legacy.  Of course, it backfired and brought the tea-party to the forefront, also it  increased their power and ability to control the republicans. Now we all have to pay dearly for that.  The tea-party now has full control of the republican party, and have hi-jacked the day-to-day operations of congress.

Now we are facing the most destructive economic disaster, a disaster wich would bring about global economic meltdown. Not to mention the downgrade of where the United States stands in the world. The tea-party, and tea-party led republican party are committing, in my opinion, an internal terrorist attack on the United States Of America.  There is no sane reason for this to be happening, except the destruction of the federal government, wich is what they really want in the first place. like any rebellious child, they want no regulation, no taxes, and no law to “cramp their style”.

see my previous post:

also:   “The Republicans have no credibility on deficits. The last Democratic president balanced the budget, while the last three Republican presidents successively outdid each other in creating record deficits. The Republicans have no credibility on deficits.”


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