(UPDATED re-post)Shock and Awe Campaign Against the American Worker By extremist republican teabags.

In stead of creating Jobs, theAmerican Taliban ,aka; republicans Have launched a  full-on Assualt On The American Worker.

It all started in Wisconson, and spread across the country, via newly elected republican governors.  Of course this is nothing new, I remember my dad talking about states-right in the mid-fifties. And I know the Taft-Hartley act instituted in 1947, was always a point for discussion. The point being, that there was always an assault on unions, and the right to collective-bargaining from the right. I did have an experience of my own in the late seventies when a small business I was working for was closed down because we tried to unionize. They opted to replace the employees with outside contractors, wich cost the company much more, but was a price they were willing to pay rather than allow a union to come in.  

Just recently,  the FAA has been de-funded, air travel is, and has been becomming more and more risky daily. Does anyone beleive that the airlines will police themselves or put saftey ahead of profits? And and now there is an attack on the NLRB (national labor relations board) to reduce their power to fight for and advocate for the American work force. It will be a never ending onslaught of destruction. If we don’t stand up for America and the american worker, the extreme right will devestate evrything that has made this country the home of the “American Dream” where a man,or woman could work for a living wage so as to take the best care of their family they possibly could, and had every right to do so. The assault continues, Congress is now “on break” leaving thousands of workers out of work, public safety at risk, hundreds of taxes uncollected and the airlines are scooping the tax-money and adding it to their bottom-line. This is another attack on the working-class in an attemp to dis-allow the American worker from organizing, and unionizing. They want to create Desparation so  workers will feel it is too risky to organize for fear of being out of work when the economy is so fragile. Job-creation has now been made nearly impossible by the latest debt-ceiling deal. Hang on tight the Tea-party-led GOP has a very rough ride in store for all of us.  Not all of the blame can be applied to the tea-party ,though. The Koch Bros. , who fund the GOP and the tea-party, are in full control, and in turn are  leading the GOP around by their nose-rings with the threat of losing that money. 

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