OBAMA 2012 ?…….Or has “The One” not shown himself yet.

    My hopes are for the latter. We were all hoping for “The One” when obama emerged on the scene, but he has shown himself , continually from the very beginning, not to be the man we all hoped for, and  thought him to be.

Is he truly a progressive? His history says differently. The GOP has always been the winner in every negotiation, every deal. The only issue he can claim any victory on is the health-care -reform, and even in that he threw in the towel without any effort whatsoever concerning the “public option“, or “single payer” or “medicare for all“; none of these issues ever got past the discussion stage. The stimulus package;  was much too small to begin with, was held hostage until he caved so HALF of that could be wrangled by the GOP into tax cuts. He has no apparent negotiating skills,very little foresight, and worst he maintains the delusion of bipartisanship and cooperation from the GOP, wich by the way is a subsidiary of the Koch bros. who also own, fund, and manage the tea-party.

Progressive?  NO, more moderate republican by definition , than a Democrat.  Please dont mis-understand. This post is not an anti-Obama message, the point is: he truly doesn’t deserve an enthusiastic vote, but we must  give him our  vote if he is the only choice available at the time. Unless, of course, there is a truly progressive candidate, with a fair chance of winning in the primary and a better than fair chance of winning in the general election.   GIVE US YOUR OPINION.


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