TEA PARTY AND THE RIGHT AlterNet / By Frank Schaeffer

 For a conservative, making the choice between bachmann and perry is kind of like deciding wheather to use one match or two matches to look inside of a can of gas; the result will be much the same….A lot of hurt, if not total destruction. Both have similar agendas; to replace the government with their own brand of “rule by theocractic law”. What’s really making this more and more possible is Obama’s inability and,or, unwillingness to stand up against the extreme right wing.  In recent speaches he continually places blame on “washington” or congress, in generic terms, never directly placing blame where it truly belongs. And yes, blame for the obstruction, the dysfunction, and especially the downgrade of the country’s credit rating belongs squarely on the tea-party’s puppeteering of the GOP. –truthnreality

Frank Schaeffer’s article, an excerpt wich sums-up the true point:

Michele Bachmann Was Inspired By My Dad and His Christian Reconstructionist Friends — Here’s Why That’s Terrifying:
Bachmann’s radical right-wing influences include the most extremist figures in the history of the religious right.
� As presidential candidate Michele Bachmann chews up scenery in the GOP primaries, the mainstream media is finally digging into her extremist beliefs in a serious way. In a profile published earlier this week, the New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza talked about Bachmann’s radical right-wing influences, which include the most extremist figures in the history of the religious right movement.

One of these was my evangelical leader father, Francis Schaeffer. Bachmann says in the New Yorker article that she got into politics because she watched a film series I directed called “How Should We Then Live,” written by and featuring my dad.

What the New Yorker article doesn’t do is explain why people like Bachmann, Sarah Palin, et al. turned to the hard reactionary anti-government right. I explain this in my book Sex, Mom and God. I think it’s important to understand this. So let me add what the New Yorker left out.

The Back Story

In 1983 I was the leader of a group of protesters who screamed abuse at Justice Harry Blackmun and made him beat a hasty retreat back into a college building at the University of Nebraska after he’d just been awarded an honorary degree. In the early 1980s my daughter Jessica and I—she was 12—drove into Boston several times to picket abortion clinics, including one where a few years later (in 1994) two people were shot dead and five were seriously wounded by “pro-life” activist John Salvi.

Dad agreed to lead several antiabortion demonstrations, too. He said, “We’re telling everyone else to get out there and picket, and some of our people are getting arrested, so we can’t say no to doing what we’re telling others to do.”

That was then. Today I’m on the “other side.”

America has a problem: It’s filled with people who take the Bible seriously. America has a blessing: It’s filled with people who take the Bible seriously. How does this blessing coexist with the curse derived from the same source: the Bible? The answer is that the Bible is a curse or a blessing depending on who is doing the interpreting. Sometimes belief in the Bible leads to building a hospital. Sometimes it leads to justifying perpetual war and empire building. Same book—different interpretation.

If the history of Christianity proves one thing, it’s that you can make the Bible “say” anything. When you hear words like “We want to take back America for God!” the 21st-century expression of such theocratic ideas can be traced back to some of my old friends: the Reconstructionists.

Most Americans have never heard of the Reconstructionists. But they have felt their impact through the Reconstructionists’ profound (if indirect) influence over the wider (and vast) evangelical community.

Take Michele Bachmann. She is a Reconstructionist schooled – literally – by some of that obscure movement’s leading thinkers, including my father.

The evangelicals have shaped the politics of a secular culture that barely understood the religious right, let alone the forces within that movement that gave it its edge. The Americans inhabiting the wider (and more secular) culture just saw the results of Reconstructionism without understanding where those results had come from—for instance, how the hell George W. Bush got elected and then reelected or why Michele Bachmann was into home schooling long before she was into trying to become president in order to turn America into a homophobic theocracy.


If you feel victimized by modernity, then the Reconstructionists have the answer in their version of biblical interpretation. Reconstructionists want to replace the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with their interpretation of the Bible.


4 thoughts on “TEA PARTY AND THE RIGHT AlterNet / By Frank Schaeffer

  1. Jamie Holts says:

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. libertybelle53 says:

    Voting for Obama would be a vote to push America off a cliff. He is a dead wrong for America.
    Perry,however loves America. I wouldn’t even have to question it.
    Don’t worry, you people won’t be forced to read Bibles daily or attend church but you better have a good supply of those ole wire hangers because killing babies by doctor may be outlawed.

    • You’re welcome to your own opinion, however you opinion is flawed and biased by the mis-information and manufactured lies you have been fed by the extremists you put your faith in. Before each post you will find a link to FACTCHECK.ORG a non-partisan,non-biased organization dedicated to researching as many statements as possible made by both parties. You will never find any statements made here wich are intentionally false, anyone can make an honest mistake, but I make every effort to always post the truth. I have to,not only is my blog’s name is truthnreality, it’s who I am.I have ZERO TOLLERANCE FOR LIES AND INTENTIONAL MIS-INFORMATION. Please stick around and Just Maybe you will learn something. Also I strongly disagree with a lot of what obama does, mainly his inability to speak up to the tea-bagger’s garbage they spread around and unwillingness to stand up and fight for progressive values. Since you brought it up, rick perry will destroy everything that make this the great country it is.

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