Grounds for A Democratic Primary Challenger….obama is done,so far as I am concerned

Lesser of Evils ?

Do we just sett for the lesser of evils? Or do we take one from his play-book, and look forward and not back ward. I’m sure you remember he used this rationalization for not seeking prosecution for the war-criminals; ie: bush, chaeney,and their bundle of attys, including the A.G. gonzales who made it look as if torture was legal.

Okay, let’s use that play. Let’s look fwd to having someone in the whitehouse who will not quit after the campaign is over, and who will continue after the campaign, to fight for the people who placed him in the job of  look out for the people, and not just capitulate at every obstacle thrown in his way by the extreme right wing nut jobs. Life in america is much too dear to us to allow the nut-jobs to destroy it all, and much too dear to us to allow an incompetent weakling to just stand down and hand it over to their every whim. We need to show him that if he doesn’t have the strength and courage to take the the risk of a big move, WE DO.

None of us alone can get this done , we have to ORGANIZE, we need to stand together in one voice and make our selves heard. We need to be the absolute essence of  a TRUE GRASS-ROOTS MOVEMENT.  The voice of “we the people”  , the people who know what America truly stands for, the people who won’t cower and allow ourselves to be told  “what the American people want” , we know what we want.

We also know what we don’t want, we definately don’t want what has been going on in washington for th last few years , as far back as when obama first emerged onto the scene as a candidate. We saw him fight as a candidate, then when he became president we saw only capitulation and weakness. How is it he was castrated so soon after the inauguration. Did he lose his speech writer, or did he sit down and bask in the glory of being the first african-American presisdent, and did he think that was enough?

A Direct Statement To The President…

It was not enough to rest on your laurels every time you made some minor accomplishment. The bigest and most important issue is, and has been, for your entire term ;  JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS , JOBS…….the working men and women, at least those who wish they could work, need to provide for their families and thenselves and maintain some semblence of self-worth and self-esteem. The American worker is sufffering to an extent that no one can imagine. Especially YOU, can’t imagine,  or so it seems. 

Instead of making this exclusively the  first and most important priority  from day-one, you felt is was more important to work on your own egotistical legacy. And in itself, the Affordable healthcare law, was another failure derived from capitulation. You threw in the towel on single payer, public option and medicare for all, long before it was necessary. You,sir,  need to have someone teach you the simple basics of negotiation, negotiation 101. A tactician; you are not. A strategist; you are not. Planning for every contingency, is something you mostly neglect. My long-time beleif is that these are the basic skills an attorney is mandated to know and should be profficient in, in every thought, and every circumstance. My beleif, sir, is that you are weak and incompitent in the skills required to be president. If you think that continually giving in to the other side makes you the bigger man,,, you could not be more wrong. Our only hope for this country is to find someone with the required skills and competency to be an effective president. I’m desperately hoping that we can find that person before it is too late for him to launch an effective campaign and WIN. I do not want you to win if there is a better choice. However if we are not able to find that person, then I guess we will be forced to live through another term without a competent prsident.     – truthnreality

Here is one option, an option I have been hoping for:


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