Mob of Sadists-aka: tea-publicans………..Also: Alan Grayson was 100% correct.

Can this be the “New America” ?

Is the economy and joblessness turning us into the worst kind of barbarbarians?  We know the correct way to think and live, but yet our anger and desperation is influencing morality. A small fringe group of insane extremists has become a highly dangerous cancer, eating away at our human decency.

Luckily, the cancer is has only progressed to a strong stage one. However if allowed to fester, it will soon consume the masses, especially those  who lack the initiattive to seek-out the truth, or have a low level of natural intelligence, are uneducated, and are bombarded daily with propaganda and lies, to a point where they then beleive the “lies ARE their truth”.   –truthnreality

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