Quick turnaround…..I’m backing off of the Obama-bashing

I will be breif.

I beleive that I have made my point. I ‘m sure everybody knows how weak and inefective he has been as a president. I can’t stress the point enough that if given a better chioce, I could not, would not, ever give him one penney, one minute of my time, and most of all my vote. However, no one has stood up to claim their place in a primary challenge. This being the case, and in light of what we have seen from the sadist party, none of us can risk the chance that one of the lunatic-fringe contestants in the “How non-human can you be”  unreality show, may be the most powerful person in the western-hemisphere.

So, my straight-forward point is this: We have no choice, (yet) it is IMPERETIVE THAT WE RE-ELECT OBAMA ,simply for our own survival.        -truthnreality


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