Focus, Focus, Focus…………

This “Occupy” movent is off to a great start, but now it needs FOCUS.

FOCUS on politics and politicians.   Government is guided by politicians who are more concerned with re-election than doing what is good for the country. Especially thos on the right, they won’t allow their super-rich backers to have their taxes raised one penney because they have been bought and are owned by the health insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, the big banks, and are threatened on a daily basis by the tea party and worst of all the Koch bros. who own the tea-party.

Focus on Injustice and Inequality.  Speak out against the right’s efforts to de-fund education at every level.  Speak out against the defunding of most of the programs that were set up to help the poorest of us. Speak out against Racial inequality and Racism. No matter how strongly they deny it, the tea-party is a racist organization. The Koch bros. are trying to bring back segregation to our schools by buying state legislators who are sympathetic to their Racist Agenda. Speak out against Anti-Gay and LGBT agenda.

Focus on Propaganda. Focus on Dispelling the lies, myths, and propaganda being spread by those who don’t want progress and would have us return to the 19th century.

Focus on being progressive movement.  Focus on being a movement to be reckoned with. Focus on being as prolific as the tea-party , but focus on being  progressive , NOT REGRESSIVE.

I only hope you will be mindfull of these points and act with your focus on  these points bringing the movement to the focal point we all are needing  it to bring us to.  You are all heroes to the highest degree. We can’t fix the world, but with this kind of effort, we can fix some of what’s broken and out of control right where we live . You are the very escence of Democracy, and you are doing a corect and just thing, carry on.


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