A message to #OWS…..and every facet of “Occupy USA” in every town.


Stay strong….Never let the nay-sayers get you down…they will call you everything in the “nasty-book”. Then they will make shit up to degrade you and belittle you and make you seem like “roaches”. This fact alone should give you a sense of accomplishment; if they’re coming at you with their insults and negativity, then Reality says that you are making an impression on those you are protesting against. Never forget that what you are doing is extremely HEROIC, you are truly American Heroes and YOU ARE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IN ACTION……………. Never Give up.

I was in my early teens during the protests of the 60’s, however I remember that it took many years to realize the desired result.  The main focus was the vietnam war, but their was also focus on other issues, such as racial inequality, poverty, a broken and out-of-control government.  Does this sound familiar?  This new beginning is a bit late, it should have begun when Bush and his band of criminals hijacked the country and took it to the lowest point since Nixon. We cannot allow the nation to fall into the destructive control of the Republican Destroyers.

We do have one major advantage now that was not available in the 60’s, our biggest weapon: Social Media, the mainstream media will eventually catch up, but they are always slow to recognize anything that is good. They make their money on stupidity, debotchery and anything that has negative impact. Be patient, recognition will come…SO, NEVER GIVE UP.


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