One more point of Focus…..or two…..For the heroes of #OWS

BUT FIRST   JUST A GIGGLET..(a fox poll)

Do Occupy Wall Street protest represent your views on the economy? [183,148 total responses]
– Maybe. I am not even sure what they want—– [2.8%  4694 votes]
– No. They have no idea how jobs are created or how a free enterprise system works. —–[28.63%  52025 votes}
– Yes.  These folks are right about corporate greed and what’s happening to the little guy. —-[67.98%   123509 votes]
– Other (post comment) —- [.8%  1460 votes ]
67.98% you say….. 67.98%…..oops!

Roger, we have to bury that nasty little nugget of information because its…uh…unbalanced.    Copied from the “Daily Kos”

Focus: “Citizens United” ….the unfair and unbalanced supreme court declared that corporations are people. We all know this sick and untrue, it was just another way that the rightwing nut jobs could give credence to their fat-cat buddies more control.

Focus:   The banks approved mortages the knew would go into default, the wall street casino used the bad mortages like gambling chips, selling those morthgages as investments to municipalities and individual investors, and they bought insurance policies on the bad mortgages they were selling so they couldn’t lose …..only the investors took the loss. Eventually the whole game collapsed and brought the economy down with it. That’s the thing in a nut-shell …And We All Payed, we paid with our homes, we payed with our jobs and we payed with what little savings we had.  And we are still paying. They ,however , got bailed-out, we are feeling the pain of what they did , but they are getting richer and fatter.


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