The GOP’s furious hatred of women grows and grows…..From the Ohio Daily

Submitted by Anastasia Pantsios on Thu, 10/13/2011 – 5:30pm

The vilest member of Congress, Majority Leader Eric Cantor
a sniffy, condescending puke with a brick where his heart should be —
has apparently said that the GOP will not even let the jobs bill come
to a vote on the floor of the House because, you know, they didn’t REALLY
promise to create jobs last year when that was virtually all they campaigned on.
I guess their fingers were crossed.

But you know what they do have time to vote on? This:…

That’s right. It’s not enough for these huge-government/let-government-dictate-
your-every-health-care-move-if-you-are-a-woman types that NO tax money is being
used to fund abortions. They want to punish any hospital that may get federal money
for something entirely unrelated if they perform an abortion to SAVE A MOTHER’S LIFE.
Seriously — you have an ectopic pregnancy? Too bad. We’re back to the savage laws of
pre-modern nature. You die, just as if no medical treatment existed. It does,
but these people want to pretend we are a primitive, undeveloped country.

What’s more hilarious is that they dubbed this bill — H.R. 358 — the “Protect Life Act.”
They should call it the “Punish the Slut Act,” because really, isn’t that what this is about? Whose “life” is protected by denying a woman with an ectopic pregnancy an abortion? That doesn’t matter to people like Cantor who feel they should be the ones to make the most intimate
decisions for women.

If these people were truly concerned about “life,” they would have passed the jobs bill,
creating nearly two million jobs — many for parents desperately trying to feed their kids.
But they aren’t. Fetuses are useful tools to them, something they can use to keep women down.
Actual living, breathing children they don’t care about so much.


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