I’m going to try to ease back into writing.

Cancer Update

She has undergone radiation treatment  for the tumors in her brain, and this past thursday she began chemo for the lung cancer.  The radiation caused her to lose all of her hair, wich she is very upset about. At first it seemed that  it possibilibly wasn’t going to happen (we deluded ourselves in a positive attitude)untill the last three of fourteen daily treatments.
I’m dreading the day when the negative effects of the chemo begin to set in, seeing her go throught hat misery will hurt me to the core. It’s so very hard to see someone you love and consider to be your soul-mate, go through such suffering.
This month has been a whirlwind of  hospitals, doctor visits and hours of treatments,mostly out of town.
Most of my time is spent driving, waiting, and caring for her when we are home., and I don’t mind a bit.
As a matter of fact I wish I could do more for her to make her feel better.
However it is extremely stressfull especially for someone such as my self who is suffering with P.T.S.D.
the 60,000 in bills accumulated in the last six (wich by the way, we will never be able to pay without gvmt. help)months doesn’t doesn’t help my condition at all, to say the least. reality is: I have to suck-it-up and do whatever I have to do for her. Our fight to overcome this thing is paramount.