My Time to Rant……

 It has come to my attention that someone, or some “ones” have been bad-mouthing me. If this true I welcome it, it can only mean one thing, I am having an affect on at least one person. If I am having an affect on someone, then that amounts to extra gravy on my  rice. My main purpose for writing is to relieve my self of the anger and frustration I feel when I hear what the GOP extremist, and sadistic party is doing to destroy democracy and bring this country to it’s knees under a tyrannic oligarchy.

The republican presidential “field of delusion” have shown themselves to be qualified to lead a criminal motorcycle gang, a white-collar criminal organization, an extremely subversive white supremacist group, or some religious dominionist group.  But, lead the country? Not a chance in hell ! The only place they can lead the country is on a downward spiral, wich is the swishing sound you hear in the background whenever they speak. They are all delusional lunatics, out to destroy the very fabric of democracy for all, and to make it an oligarchy, giving the country to a “ruling class“, their class, of those who hold the money and power and nothing more. They want US (the99%)  to be subject to only what they (the1%) want, and only to their need to increase their wealth and power.

The one only thing they are committed to are the “super PACs” .  And those who fund the superPACs, and their elections and supplement their personal incomes on the sly.  Elections no longer reflect the needs and desires of the people, our elections have become auctions where only the highest bidder wins, and the American people are always the biggest loser.

However, the elephant in the room is this; The tea-party  was born from and arose to prominence when those on the right and especially the extreme right  had a complete mental and emotional break down because someone who should be in their view, a slave owned by them or their ancestors. How could this happen in their USA?  It was such a shock to their beliefs and view of what america was supposed to be, that they became all-consumed with their hatred, their bigotry, their racism, and their need to remove this “black guy” from THEIR white house , that they are now in a mindless panic.

Every day we see the attack on voter rights, women’s rights, and the attacks on organized labor. They wnat to destroy the social safety nets that the poor, the elderly, and the infirm rely for mere survival. They try to defund and dismantle the educational system so, through attrition they can  cultivate a poor, ignorant and gullible  base that will be pliable and easy to manipulate through their lies and propaganda. We must remain mindful of this and fight back, we can not allow them to do this to us.



Wake up America: Dennis Kucinich on you tube during Democratic convention ’08

An Awesome Passionate speech that everyone should see and feel again.


HAD ENOUGH OF OBAMA YET?…..I have, so what do we do? he doesn’t see us, he doesn’t hear us, I can only assume he doesn’t care……

I know there is quite a large number of us who have had enough of the “republican obama”.*  Please don’t misunderstand me, not in my worst day of disgust would I ever vote for a republican. Nor would I ever Not vote. The main point here is that we need someone who will be what we thought obama was going to be.Will he ever be who we expected, there must be serious doubts by now. Even though the extreme right is continually touting his leftist agenda, we can only scratch our heads and wonder how it is that they see what we don’t. We can be sure that whatever alternate dimension or alien planet they happen to reside in,they see things that have no basis in reality where the rest of us live. 

Putting all of this aside, there still remains the reality that we have a president who maintains his own delusion that if he gives in to their demands at every turn, they will eventually let him have at least one of the ideas or policies he puts on the table for consideration. What’s even worse, more recently he has been adjusting his ideas and policies to conform to the extreme right’s agenda, without so much as considering even a small battle to try to put forth progressive values or policies. I hate to say it, but his progressive base felt so alienated in 2010 because of his continual caving to the right’s demands, that they stayed home for the election that doomed him to the shackles he now finds himself bound within. Yet ,to this day he hasn’t come to the realization that he is losing support from enough his base, his chances especially with his low percentage of approval, his chances of losing to a tea-party lead republican challenger in 2012 are increasing exponentially. What do we do?  how do we wake him out of this depressive state he is in?  How do we return him to the level of confidence, and positive attitude he once had.?   It may be too late. At this point it’s unclear if he will have time to recover, it would take more time than remains untill the ’12 election, ONLY if he finds some strength between now and ’12 will he POSSIBLY be able to have the chance to turn himself around to a progressive way.   The likelyhood of this is reniscent of the way a NASA project was described ; making a hole in one from billions of miles away with a very small window to get the shot off.   the scenario would go something like this: he would have to get his ratings substancially higher , the economy and the unemployment rate would have to improve significantly in the next six months.  None of wich seems to be even remotely likely, or possible for that matter. Wich is why we, as progressives and liberals , MUST begin looking for a viable replacement for the primaries. We gotta get to work before we find ourselves under some horrifying theocratic dictatorship.

There are only a few possible choices as a replacement, my first choice would be Senator Bernie sanders, when he speaks , he speaks directly to every fiber of my being.   Ex-president Bill Clinton, after seeing the way he handled chris wallace on fox , he takes a place on the top of my list of personal heroes.  my other choice, an equal choice to Bill Clinton would be Hillary clinton, after all, she was correct about obama not being ready for the job. (Although I didn’t agree when she said it.)  However, even I can’t deny reality, reality has an undeniable  way of superceding personal opinion every time.

*Footnote: The asterisk near the beginning of the post by obama’s name denotes that a person or group hasn’t earned or has lost respect and does not deserve capitalization, and this carries through to every word wich by grammar standards should be capitalized.   –       -truthnreality