An intelligent, sensible, non-delusional, progressive republican, concerned with the REAL ISSUES……




I’m reffering to Buddy Roemer.  He gets it, He understands. He has progressive views and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. There is no wonder why the GOP has disowned, and ostricized him. He remains to declare himself a republican mainly due to being a republican has become a hard-to-shake-off habit . The reality is he is either a progressive or a Democrat, or both, who simply can’t force himmself to come out as either.

Partisanship is nowhere in his DNA, he has no problem calling out either party when he sees a real problem, or true failings. When he speaks about the addiction of both parties to special interest money and influence, I can see Dylan Rattigan on one of his rants. Buddy is for real, and the only place he can get any respect or exposure is on MSNBC. The biased networks won’t have him, he’s much too sensible to make good TV. He speaks about the issues; how money has corrupted the congress and all of our government, he speaks about why positive change can’t come about and the reasons why, he speaks about income inequality,  not the GOPnutz talking points.

Buddy Roemer is one of the best hidden gems in the GOP, and one of their best kept secrets as a presidential candidate. I actually lived through a Buddy Roemer governorship when I lived in La. and as I recall he was a damn good governor. He lost his bid for re-election mainly because he was outbid by the big-money candidate, because he wasn’t conservative (corruptable) enough for the special interest money.If we ever have to have a republican president again, “The Buddy Plan” wouldn’t be a horrible thing, at least not as horrible as one of the  candidates in the  current “Clown Crew”.